AAA Meeting Minutes July 2nd 2017

AAA Board Meeting – July 2nd, 2017

In attendance:

Jordan Karabinov, Petar Svarc, Georgi Malchev, Avi Pasheeva, Todor Karaivanov, Daniel Secareanu, Martin Ouzounov, Deyan Vassilev, Anton Tonev, Boriana Zaneva, Vladimir Rusev

Agenda Items:

  • Answer to Sullivan
  • Discuss the AAA Priorities document
  • The Pledge
  • Working groups

Answer to Sullivan

It was decided that AAA representative should meet with President Sullivan in a smaller group constituted of Jordan, Vlado, Georgi, Simona, Deyan and Petar during the week of August 21st onwards. The aim is to state our position and find out information about the following:

  • Progress of the presidential search
  • Review of the sustainability study.
  • Request to receive access to the alumni database
  • Review of the strategy up until 2020.
  • Planned revision of the BoT bylaws, if any.

Discussion of the AAA Priorities

AAA decided to edit and publish a Program Statement, the current document is to be shortened and re-drafted by Boriana and Toshe. Deadline for completion Friday, July 28th.

Working groups with the AAA board will encourage/recruit alumni to run both for the BoT and the University Council.

The Pledge

The campaign would be targeting to collect 5 million USD over a 10-year period. The contribution of the alumni would be a 120 USD per annum, or 10 USD per month. We are to strive to attract a 1000 people by October. Between 30 to 40 of us are to be designated to convince fellow alumni to sign in. Remaining tasks:

  • Identify ways to incentivize people to give more than the minimum
  • Designate the two most important “trigger” conditions and set forward clear ongoing conditions
  • Create a sub-site designated for The Pledge.

On Tuesday, August 1st, the working group of The Pledge will gather. Deyan will organize the meeting.

Working Groups

AAA is planning to assign members to workgroups and it was decided to have one responsible person in each group, a driver of the group. So far, one or two have been appointed the rest are still to be agreed at the next meeting.


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