AAA Meeting Minutes July 18th 2017

AAA Board Meeting –¬†July 18th, 2017

In Attendance:

Jordan Karabinov, Georgi Malchev, Simona Parvanova, Deyan Vassilev, Todor Karaivanov, Boriana Zaneva, Anton Tonev, Avgustina Pasheeva, Daniel Secareanu, Vladimir Rusev, Martin Ouzunov, Petar Svarc

Agenda Items

  • AAA Board Members Introduction
  • Action Points


AAA Board Members Introduction

Newly elected members of the board introduced themselves and listed areas of interest within the AAA as follows:

  • Avgustina: communication (website/design), local chapters, organization/marketing, events, NOT finance
  • Todor: communication with BoT, IT/internal communication, recognizing opportunities and ready to jump in wherever helps needed, create systems
  • Dani: website, tech for communication, communication in general, educational program for students & alumni based on alumni provided resources
  • Marto: focus on change of leadership in BoT, more alumni in board, implementation of structural changes, alumni giving, strategy for next BoT, “winning the peace”
  • Deyan: high standard for current AAA board, define pressure points which are synchronized, The Alumni Pledge
  • Georgi: outreach to stakeholders (DB, FB, website, automated tools, CTAs)
  • Vladi: alumni pledge, AAA needs for economic independence, high expectations on AAA organization, accessible info on AAA operations for alumni (minutes, action plans)
  • Schwartz: faculty/students/ABF/etc. liaison, membership fee strategy, alumni on BoT + rules followed, alumni pledge, AAA organization
  • Jordan: improving AUBG, membership fee + AAA to offer services to alumni, country visits
  • Boriana: positive psychology, asking right questions, re-engaging alumni communities around the world, pull more positive leaders into the BoT
  • Anton: finances, event organization at local chapters, educational programs/workshops for students by alumni (direct help, not through administration)

Action Points

  • Alumni Pledge (Deyan to share draft of alumni pledge, by next meeting)
  • Create shared doc for priorities & task groups (Avi, Deyan, already done)
  • Create Slack group for AAA (Dani, already done)
  • Create Google Group to be used for Hangout calls as well (Deyan, Avi, already done)
  • Draft intro statement, representing the AAA; commit to deadline for AAA action plan, reference petition, BoT in May (Jordan, by Friday, July 21st; feedback by AAA board members by Sunday, July 23rd; final approval at next meeting)
  • Deyan to organize Doodle poll for meeting time (July 18th)

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