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Welcome to the new AUBG Alumni Association Website

Dear all,

In the light of the recent events (AAA’s letters to BoT and other AAA initiatives) we decided that it was high time for the AUBG Alumni Association to organize itself better, communicate better with its members and thus attract more alumni into its ranks to better work together to make AUBG a better place to be for current and future students, but to also make us proud as alumni.

One of the ways in which we thought we would better communicate among ourselves was to have our own digital space, thus the idea of putting together the AAA website. The idea of having our own website was to have a public space for the AAA where member can get together in a community, create groups, chat, share ideas and information and basically stay connected in a way that AUBG was unable to help us with in the past 25+ years.

We will also use the website to have a transparent, public communication to the AUBG alumni community, but also to a wider audience as well. The internal AAA communication will still happen through the already existing channels (email & the Facebook group), but all the public communication will be handled via the website.

Of course, we welcome all your ideas and proposals on how to make the website better and more useful to you and we will try make it the central point of the AUBG alumni community.

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