Skapto – the AUBG friends’ bar that turned into a gourmet burger chain

Skapto is Bulgaria’s largest gourmet burger chain serving handcrafted, American-inspired burgers in a fast-casual dining environment. Founded by AUBG alumni Angel Ivanov and Georgi Georgiev in 2013, Skapto currently operates three full-service restaurants and two over-the-counter locations throughout Bulgaria, in addition to one food truck and two dark kitchens for delivery.

In March, 2019, the F&B company was recognized for its achievements and growth potential and received unanimous approval by the panelists at the 86th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Cairo, Egypt to be accepted into Endeavor global network program! The Endeavor global network is focused on transforming markets and economies by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs with access to mentors, market, talent and capital, aiming to create more jobs and transform the regional economy.

You can read more at Endeavor Bulgaria.

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