AAA Board Meeting Minutes, March 6th /Wed/, 2019

AAA Board Meeting, March 6th /Wed/, 2019, 18:30

Presiding Officer in presence: Jordan Karabinov, AAA President

In attendance: Avgustina Pasheeva, Simona Parvanova, Deyan Vassilev, Petar Svarc, Boriana Zaneva, Martin Ouzounov, Daniel Secareanu, Georgi Malchev, Teddy Amova, Miroslav Arnaudov, Stefan Ivanov, Ivaylo Aksharov

1. Agenda run as previously distributed and approved.

2. Opening remarks and summary from AAA president. Jordan Karabinov shared his experience from meetings with students and other constituents and proposed the creation of a workgroup to study the possibility for AAA to pipeline job and internship offers to current AUBG students. A team was assembled that would start working on the task.

3. Boriana Zaneva initiated a quick team strengths boost and recap session on the Retreat experience from the AAA members. All shared personal notes and affirmed the positive and practical side of the Retreat.

4. Ivaylo Aksharov updated information on workgroup meetings and other concurrent tasks.

5. Report from Vision, Mission and Values workgroup on defining the framework followed with invitation to get further input from all members online.

6. Alumni Speaker Series workgroup summary and update was delivered by Petar Svarc followed by a Q&A session from members.

7. Simona Parvanova updated on Alumni Sofia Events workgroup activity including details for planning the next networking event in March.

8. Communications, Marketing & PR workgroup summary of planned and ongoing tasks was delivered by Teddy Amova, including next steps for designing a Social Media Posting Plan.

9. Fundraising & Pledge WorkGroup Summary update was made by Deyan Vassilev followed by a motion from Petar Svarc, seconded by Martin Ouzounov, and approved by a unanimous vote to continue discussion in a closed session.

10. Closed Session on Fundraising & Pledgeplanning activities.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 19:45.

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