AUBG Alumni Pledge to Donate $5,000,000 to the University

The AUBG Alumni Association (AAA) Networking Cocktail in Sofia Sept. 9 came with some big news: the AUBG alumni have pledged to donate $5,000,000 to AUBG over 10 years. The goal for this year is to get 6% of the graduates to participate and raise $300,000.  

Keynote speaker at the event was AUBG Interim President Dr. David Evans. “AUBG alumni are doing absolutely amazing things in a tremendous range of fields,” he said. “It is astounding to see so many leaders (…) who are successful and happy and contributing to their communities. I know from the hundred or so alumni who I’ve met and had substantial conversations with that you all have an intense pride in AUBG. Let’s turn that to making the institution even better.”

“We would like to focus on making AAA more relevant to everyone, to your business, personal and professional life,” said AAA President Jordan Karabinov (‘97), Managing Partner at JK&Partners. “We are thinking of a myriad of ways on how we could help each other succeed.”  

Deyan Vassilev (‘95), Founder and CEO of and Creditland spoke about the importance of giving back to the university. “We need everyone to become a champion and do it in the name of the spirit of AUBG that we are all a little bit ill from,” he said.

AUBG Director of Development Irena Macheva (EMBA ‘18), who is currently in the U.S. to meet the AUBG community there, joined the networking cocktail via video. “There is a lot of work ahead of us and we can’t do any of it without you,” she said in an address to the alumni. “I am very excited about this collaboration. I think this is a very important campaign that we are launching and we are setting an example.”

A video, idea of Vladimir Borachev (‘95) former board and UC member at AUBG and executive coach and leadership trainer, premiered at the event. In it, AUBG graduates of different classes and paths of life all share their reasons why giving back to AUBG makes a difference.

Alumni who wish to donate can learn more here.

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photos and video by Anastasia Garyainova

Article reprinted with permission.
Originally published on AUBG website.

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