DIMITAR STOEV (’01): “I know that had it not been for AUBG I would have never had the desire and the skills to walk the career path I’ve had so far.”

Name: Dimitar Stoev
AUBG Class of: 2001
Major: Political Science and International Relations
Graduate/Advanced degree: N/A
Home country: Bulgaria
Current occupation: Managing Partner at Learn Valley Ltd.

• Where do we find you at this moment?

With my wife and three children at our summer cabin deep in the wilderness of Stara Planina.

• What was your first destination after AUBG? Describe your career path.

My first destination after AUBG was joining the Bulgarian Army for the six-months military service, which was obligatory for young men till 2001. Next I spent the winter working in a hut in Pirin Mountain. After these 2 short adventures the next 15 years have been rather straightforward in terms of developing a career path: I’ve had couple of jobs in sales and project management. Since 2017 I’m focused on running my company. You can reach me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitarstoev/

Currently I develop a business for professional training and education services – Learn Valley Ltd. Based in Sofia and with partners across the globe, Learn Valley Ltd. delivers world-class training services to help tackle today’s and tomorrow’s work challenges.  We focus on delivering training for information technology, contemporary business topics and professional courses that have direct impact on day-to-day business operations. Our team combines over two decades of award-winning experience in the training industry and in education consulting.

• How have the years at AUBG prepared you for your career?

AUBG has had an extremely positive influence on my career. The University prepared me to follow-up on tasks, communicate with peers and express my thoughts and opinions freely and in a coherent manner. Today I know that had it not been for AUBG I would have never had the desire and the skills to walk the career path I’ve had so far.

• What class had the most significant impact on you?

Many years have passed since I attended AUBG but even today I remember moments from the Philosophy classes of Professor David Durst. I cherish the memory of his positive, calm and assertive, yet somehow light presence. Professor Durst was the unobtrusive mentor who supported me far beyond my studies in Contemporary Philosophy. I remember one surreal encounter with the Professor in the AUBG Library, which back then was located in the basement of the main building. He was walking through the narrow corridors between shelves of hundreds of books and with unwavering accuracy found the book he was looking for. Looking back at my time at AUBG I can say that it was rather his personality, not a particular class, that had the most significant impact on me.

• Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your student self? If you could change something back what would it be?

I don’t know if I would want to change something or anything. I’ve had a rather reckless and irresponsible student life, but maybe it’s exactly because it was such a wild ride that today I can remember my student life with humility and irony, and still savor its taste. Nowadays I appreciate a good night’s sleep and an early nutritious breakfast much more than I did back then.

• What are the things that make you tick? What is your greatest passion or motivation at present?

A strong and creamy espresso in the morning is a thing that makes me tick each day. My family is my greatest passion and motivation.

• Future projects and plans that you look forward to with anticipation?

I look forward with anticipation to the next great book I would have to find the time to read.

• May fellow alumni keep in touch with you for mentorship and career advice?


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