AAA Presented during Orientation Week for AUBG Class of 2023

AUBG Alumni Association – AAA took part for a first time in the Orientation Week for the Freshmen Class of 2023 and hosted an info session at Dr. Carl Djerassi Theater Hall on Aug 29!

Alumni Yordan Karabinov (’97), Miroslav Arnaudov (’11), Stefan Ivanov (’17) and Ivaylo Aksharov (’95) welcomed the students to the big AUBG family, presented in details the mission and activities of the AUBG Alumni Association and shared stories from their AUBG and life experiences.

The presentation was opened with an address to the class from Interim President Dr. David Evans, who emphasized the role and importance of university alumni association networks and fundraising potential, and wished the students all the success in their AUBG journey.

Photo credits: AUBG

AAA President Jordan Karabinov
Interim President Dr. David Evans

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