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AAA’s New Leadership Proposes Set of Priorities

Dear fellow Alumni,

Huge thanks to everyone who voted in the recent elections! On behalf of the new AAA Board, we would like to express special gratitude towards our predecessors for their continuous efforts, commitment and involvement with all AUBG constituencies. The newly elected AAA team will continue to strive for a flourishing AUBG. You can find more about each of the new AAA members here.

We would like to share with you our top priorities for the coming months.

  1. Support all the ideas and goals of the Alumni Petition

All members of the new AAA leadership signed the petition backed by close to 800 alumni. We endorse the alumni position presented at the May ‘17 BoT meeting with demands for changes and proposed steps for AUBG development.

  1. Stronger alumni representation on the Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees should actively contribute and care deeply about AUBG. Alumni have adequate skills and the right motivation to serve on the board. We expect a substantial increase of the number of alumni on the Board of Trustees, starting in October 2017.

  1. Conditional contribution commitment: The Pledge

We are planning an initiative to increase alumni giving and simultaneously stimulate the growth and positive transformation of the university. The Pledge is a commitment to donate to AUBG for a 10-year period, provided that certain reform conditions are met.

  1. Cooperate with students, faculty and staff

We will coordinate our efforts to help AUBG flourish with all other stakeholders. We will discuss all aspects of the proposed reforms with students, faculty and staff. We will do our best to consider all perspectives and co-create a satisfactory outcome for everyone.

  1. Improve communication with alumni and optimize internal organization of AAA

Our goals as organization are transparency and improved communication with all alumni. We’d love to see stronger engagement from alumni communities around the world. A few weeks in, we are already making efforts to optimize the internal workings of the association.

  1. Actively participate in designing the long-term strategy for AUBG

We believe that all alumni should contribute to the growth of our alma mater. With so many bright and successful alumni, we will use our collective wisdom to advise the renewed Board of Trustees on the long-term strategy for AUBG.

If you have comments or feedback for this update and the planned initiatives, please contact us at [email protected].

Together we can do more!

AAA Leadership

Jordan Karabinov, President

George Malchev, Vice President

Simona Parvanova, Treasurer


Anton Tonev, Avgustina Pasheeva, Boriana Zaneva, Daniel Secareanu, Deyan Vassilev, Martin Ouzunov, Petar Svarc, Todor Karaivanov, Vladimir Rusev

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