AAA Board Meeting Minutes, September 24th /Mon/, 2018

AAA Board Meeting, September 24th /Mon/, 2018, 18:30

Presiding Officer in presence: Jordan Karabinov, President of AAA

In attendance: Simona Parvanova, Deyan Vassilev, Petar Svarc, Boriana Zaneva, Martin Ouzounov, Daniel Secareanu, Avgustina Pasheeva

  1. Approval of minutes – minutes from previous meeting were approved as distributed.
  2. Preparations for upcoming elections for three new AAA Directors-at-large were discussed. The timeline for the process of receiving nominations and holding the elections was agreed, as well as sending out announcements through the established communication channels and AAA website. An ad hoc workgroup was formed to help with the organization /Boriana Zaneva, Daniel Secareanu, Petar Svarc, Avgustina Pasheeva/.
  3. Initial draft of the AAA President’s report for the upcoming AUBG Board of Trustees meeting was presented by Jordan Karabinov and discussion was open on major points of inclusion and overall content of report.
  4. Deyan Vassilev put forward a proposal for the organization of a Networking Party Cocktail event in October in Sofia and an initial date was agreed upon. An ad hoc workgroup was formed to finalize details and lead the organization /Simona Parvanova, Deyan Vassilev/.
  5. Discussion for the forthcoming appointment of an AAA full-time position was held and steps for finalizing the process was agreed unanimously.
  6. Date for the next AAA BoD meeting was set to approximately two weeks ahead, pending Doodle poll on most appropriate day and time.
  7. The meeting was adjourned at 19:30.

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