Election Results Are Out

In accordance with the AUBG Alumni Association (AAA) bylaws and the current AAA officers’ and directors’ election schedule, provided for in these bylaws, the Elections for three new Directors-at-Large closed by the established deadline on 2 Dec at 13:00. The elections were validated according to the AAA Constitution, which requires a participation rate of minimum 5% from all alumni.

The AAA Board would like to thank everyone who took part in the process and look forward to working constructively with the newly elected Directors for the common good of AAA and AUBG. The Board would like to encourage and invite all alumni interested in helping with the initiatives and projects of the AAA to get in touch and write to [email protected]

AAA Board expresses its gratitude and sincere appreciation for the dedication and service to Directors Martin Ouzounov, Petar Svarc, and Teddy Amova who will step down from the Board at the end of 2019. Surely, they will keep their passion for AAA and AUBG affairs alive and we hope they will be around whenever sound advice and helping hands are needed.

The three new Directors-at-Large will assume their positions beginning a three-year term on January 1st, 2020, pending final confirmations from the winners.

Congratulations to the top three nominees, ranked below based on the number of votes received:

· Venelina Miteva (Class of 2013)
· Yavor Kiryakov (Class of 2012)
· Karina Khristich (Class of 2018)

After confirmation from the three winners the AAA Board will make an official announcement of their election to the AAA Board in January, 2020.

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