AUBG Mega Reunion 2021

1-3 October 2021 @ Blagoevgrad

Bringing together classmates, friends and events, popular parties and entertainment all in one location for an extended weekend

Dear all,

We are happy to announce we have rescheduled the long awaited Mega Reunion. Please, save the dates 1-3 October 2021. For those who have purchased a package – it will be valid for the event. In case you know you cannot make it in the fall; we can either refund you or you can donate the money to the AUBG Pledge*.   

We make this announcement with great pleasure and are extremely happy to meet you all in the Fall

Stay healthy,

AUBG Mega Reunion team

P.S. We are keeping track of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We and the AUBG administration are optimistic as of now.

Join us for the 30th AUBG Anniversary in Blagoevgrad!

One Unique MEGA Event for the entire AUBG family!

First 30 years are gone, there are many more to come!

30 years ago, AUBG opened its doors and became the place that would be the one to meet friends, party wild, sometimes study, drink like crazy, have fun and build memories for 25 (and counting) classes to come until this year we can celebrate the BIG 30!

It is going to be huge…, no, scratch that, it is going to be MASSIVE! All classes coming back to AUBG! There will be a rich and exclusive program for all AUBG Alumni: Alumni Challenge, Theatre Performance, Fancy Cocktail and wild Underground parties, Outdoor activities and more! All these packed into only three days: October 1st to 3rd, 2021.


Proud beer provider

Burgasko is a light Bulgarian beer with 4,4% ABV originally made in the seaside city of Burgas (Bulgarian: Бургаско пиво). It was established back in 1971 and for many years it was a regional brand, sold only at the south Bulgarian coast-line. From 2015 the brand is available nationally. For many people the brand has become a symbol of the carefree summer moments at the sea.

Register here for the 2021 AUBG MEGA Reunion

The following packages are available and a minimum of 1 (one) is required for alumni participation in the Mega Reunion 2021. Payment of the registration fee (via PayPal or bank transfer) will ensure entrance to all events during the 4 (four), activities-packed, days. Registration is also for family members and friends. No registration is required for children below the age of 18 yo.

Basic Contributor

MegaReunion 2021

$ 30
  • White MEGA REUNION2021 bracelet
  • Event participation

Regular Contributor

MegaReunion 2021

$ 50
  • Green MEGA REUNION2021 bracelet
  • Event participation
  • Participation in Alumni Challenge
  • Alumni Challenge T-shirt


MegaReunion 2021

$ 100
  • Red MEGA REUNION2021 bracelet
  • Event participation
  • Participation in Alumni Challenge
  • Alumni Challenge T-shirt
  • Benefactor T-Shirt
  • Recognition during the anniversaries fair
  • VIP Entrance and seating to all events

MEGA Donor

MegaReunion 2021

$ 250-1000
  • Yellow MEGA REUNION2021 bracelet
  • Event participation
  • Participation in Alumni Challenge
  • Alumni Challenge T-shirt
  • MEGA Donor T-Shirt
  • Recognition during the anniversaries fair
  • VIP Entrance and seating to all events

The easiest (and recommended) way to donate is via PayPal ([email protected]), but you can also pay via bank transfer (IBAN: BG53 FINV 9150 1016 4761 40 – First Investment Bank, BIC: FINV9150) or via Revolut. To pay through Revolut you can select bank transfer as payment method and then wire the money to +359 886 057 486 (Miroslav Arnaudov). Payment will not be accepted at the event location. If you have any issues with the booking of your Mega Reunion 2021 place, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will try to sort things out as soon as possible.

Tentative Event Schedule

30th September, 2021

THURSDAY (Optional)

14:00 – 19:00 Registration & welcoming

Location: ABF Student Center

ALL ALUMNI AND GUESTS ARE REQUIRED to register, show proof of payment, to get their access bracelet. All alumni will receive a short orientation about events and locations.

14:00 – 18:00 Campus Tours (TBA) 

Come check out the all-new AUBG facilities – the Skaptopara 3 residence hall, Balkanski Academic Center (BAC), America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) building. 

20:00 Free-for-all dinners and social activities #1 (off campus)

Meet with your buddies for dinners and social activities around town.

30th September, 2021

1st October, 2021


12:00 – 19:00 Registration & welcoming 

Location: ABF Student Center

ALL ALUMNI AND GUESTS ARE REQUIRED to register, show proof of payment, to get their access bracelet. All alumni will receive a short orientation about events and locations.

17:00 – 18:30 ALUMNI CHALLENGE #16 Kick-off Competition – Obstacle Course

Location: ABF Student Center Lawn

18:30 AUBG30 Festival

Location: Blagoevgrad square, in front of Main Building

The university and Blagoevgrad communities will come together to celebrate 30 years of AUBG. Expect live performances from students, alumni, local groups and more, as well as food and drinks from places dear to generations of AUBGers.

24:00 Underground  and Piano Bar party night 1! 

1st October, 2021

2nd October, 2021


11:00 – 17:00 Registration & welcoming

Location: ABF Student Center Lawn

ALL ALUMNI AND GUESTS ARE REQUIRED to register, show proof of payment, to get their access bracelet. All alumni will receive a short orientation about events and locations.

11:00-21:00 Alumni Challenge ALL-DAY LONG competition

Location: ABF Student Center Lawn

Students compete versus Alumni for the 16th year in: Water balloons, Beer pong, Sumo, Obstacle Course, Mini-Golf, etc.

(schedule to be announced)

13:00 – 14:00 AUBG trivia Quiz (TBA)

15:00 – 15:45 – Theater Play

16:00 – 18:00 – Opening event mural project. Joint initiative of AUBG Sustainability Club, NPO and funded by US Embassy

Location: Skapto III open air


Location: ABF Student Center Hall

AUBG President Speech, AAA President Speech, Announcements of “Best of the Decade” campaign winners, Cocktails.

21:00 Fireworks

22:00 Free-for-all dinners and social time #2 (off campus)

Meet with your buddies for dinners and social activities around town.

2nd October, 2021

3rd October, 2021


11:30 – 14:00 Alumni Barbeque

Location: TBA

Come and have brunch with alumni, students, professors, and friends before all leave the campus.

3rd October, 2021


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Online registration for the mega reunion is open now and it will not close, since you can use it to register even if you arrive on campus without prior registration.

The Mega Reunion team is keeping a close eye on the situation and is positive that we can make the event. Currently the situation is stable and Bulgaria is open. You can check information about your country here.

Thursday, Sept 30, 2021 between 14:00-19:00: check-in booth at ABF Main Lobby Friday, Oct 1, 2021 between 12:00-18:30: check-in booth ABF Main Lobby Sat, Oct 2, 2021 between 11:00-17:00: check-in booth ABF Main Lobby

Stop at the ABF Main Lobby (newest building), there will be a booth where you could pick up a schedule, your name tag and identity bracelet, indicating the package that you have purchased. If you have registered for the Alumni Challenge you will be able to collect your T-shirt there.
Children 18 and younger are welcome at all on-campus activities free of charge.
Up until two weeks prior to reunion, yes. If you need to cancel your registration and would like to receive a refund, email us with your information. If you need to cancel your registration within two weeks of reunion, please be informed that due to catering counts and expenses that have already been made, a refund might not be possible.
The parking lots of Skaptopara could be used but there with limited availability, thus you could consider leaving your car around the town streets.
If you’re looking for a ride to town, or willing to offer one, please make use of the Mega Reunion Facebook Page (TBA).
Relaxed! Pack your bag with comfortable clothes and be sure to check the weather in the days prior to the weekend to adequately pack for rain, heat, cold, etc.
You will need a valid passport that does not expire within three months of the end of your trip. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport. This is for non EU citizen, EU citizens they could attend the Mega reunion with their national ID cards. If you require a travel visa, you will be responsible for obtaining it. You can get information about the process of obtaining a visa, including documentation requirements here: If you require assistance or an invitation on behalf of AUBG, please contact Sevda Yontcheva at [email protected].
You can always get in touch with AAA team at [email protected] and we will try to provide answer to your question.

Registered Alumni

Check who from your classmates are coming to Mega Reunion 2021!
Class of 1995Class of 1996Class of 1997Class of 1998Class of 1999
Georgi R. GeorgievDessislava StefanovaLeonid OknyanskiMartin KrastevNatalyia Dimitrova
Vladimir BorachevAngel MarkovJordan Karabinov
Kostadin Bodoukov
Class of 2000Class of 2001Class of 2002Class of 2003Class of 2004
Daniel SecareanuDragomir RashevIliana IvanovaMiladin BogeticOana Preda
Annie RusinovaVictor GusilaPetar SvarcZhivko DimitrovSajmir Alickolli
Anguel AnguelovGaukhar Mukhatzhanova
Stefan IvanovAntoni Ivanov
Jordan Marvakov
Iskra Velichkova
Boyan Griffen
Class of 2005Class of 2006Class of 2007Class of 2008Class of 2009
Kushtrim ShaipiEvdokia AlexandrovaVictor GenevNikolay RumeninDenitsa Grigorova
Ariel ShabanNikoleta PopkostadinovaIvan GramatikovMarieta BazelkovaPresiyan Rashkov
Sevda YontchevaNikolay RaykovVioleta CholakovaNora Georgieva
Vera SvarcJordan Zarev
Class of 2010Class of 2011Class of 2012Class of 2013Class of 2014
Stefan TaranchokovMiroslav ArnaudovAngel IvanovEleonora GeorgievaVsevolod Lashtabov
Adelina BorisovaPolina BalabanovaElitsa DermendzhiyskaIvan BardarovRoman Sorocan
Magdalena TodorovaSvetozar PopovYavor StratevValya NadovaAlexander Alexandrov
Nadejda KarkelevaYavor KiryakovIvan DaskalovNataliya Micheva
Paulina TsolovaLyubomira Minovska-KalabovVenelina MitevaGergana Orazova
Avgustina PasheevaMargarita GeorgievaLedian AsllaniMykhaylo Oleshchuk
Tsonka PeevskaAlexander AlexandrovStilian JelevMagdalena Lybenova
Velina GetovaGeorgi PetrovNikolay Nikolov
Anton BorisovSofia Volkhonskaya
Tsonka MitovaStoyan Petkov
Konstantin Chalburov
Nikola Nikolov
Georgi Georgiev
Todor Mitov
Class of 2015Class of 2016Class of 2017Class of 2018Class of 2019
Vlad MunteanPetar GeorgievTsvetiana ZaharievaGergana VelichkovaSteven London
Irina JumamyradovaAna StoychevaSimona StanchevaKarina KhristichZornitsa Yovcheva
Boris MarinovEvelyna BoykovaMihail Anchev
Violeta KrasimirovaRomina Stoyanova
Boryana PetrovaKaterina Kusheva
Stoyan IlievMaria Tsvetkova
Ivan HristovAni Angelova
Kristina Nadova
Gabriela Georgieva
Class of 2020Class of 2021

What are YOU waiting for?

The Mega Reunion 2021 Team

They made this whole MEGA thing possible! 🙂
Miroslav Arnaudov

Miroslav Arnaudov

I am a prop trader on fixed income securities. The thrill, the intensity and the ever changing dynamic are what keeps me in the business for over 6 years now. In my spare time I have been actively helping in AAA for more than two years. For me it is great privilege to serve and give back to the community. I believe that this community is what makes us unique. See you all at the Mega Reunion!

Daniel Secareanu

A digital marketer with a solid background in technology (as I like to call myself), I have been the webmaster of the AAA website and the technical enabler of the Mega Reunion registration (with all it's little errors). As a 20 years AUBG graduate myself I'm looking forward to seeing you all in Blagoevgrad this October! Let's MEGA rock it! 🙂

Venelina Miteva

Venelina Miteva

Venelina Miteva, or Veni as she's known among friends, is an AUBG 2013 graduate. Double majored in European Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication. Works in the marketing sphere. Believes in the power of words and their importance for our good living. Yoga enthusiast, travel addict, animal lover, bookworm & go-getter.

Valya Nadova

Valya Nadova

Graduated AUBG in 2013, majoring in Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communications. Since then Valya has been dealing with the craziness of the StartUp world in Bulgaria, working at Eleven Ventures and later at LAUNCHub Ventures, somewhere along the way she co-founded Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center, NGO that aims to build a knowledge bridge between Bulgaria and USA and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Stefan Ivanov

Graduated AUBG in 2017 with a double major in mathematics and computer science. I have done some computer graphics R&D work in Sofia, completely a masters in Cambridge and I am currently working as a software engineer in London, but my heart always brings me back to AUBG with all the great memories I have from there! Very excited to see old and new friends at the MegaRunion (especially after everything that has happened in the last year)!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the MEGA REUNION 2021 event, please reach out to the AAA team by using the contact details below.

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