AAA Meeting Minutes September 19th 2017

AAA Board Meeting – September 19th, 2017

In attendance:

Jordan Karabinov, Simona Parvanova, Boriana Zaneva, Daniel Secareanu, Todor Karaivanov, Martin Ouzounov, Deyan Vassilev, Petar Svarc

Agenda Items:

  1. Meeting minutes approval
  2. Meeting with Plevneliev
  3. AAA Community Update
  4. AAA BoT Candidates
  5. AAA BoT Letter
  6. AUBG Alumni Chapters
  7. AAA Educational Working Group
  8. Better alumni communication

Discussion details:

  1. Meeting minutes from the AAA Board Meeting on September 5th, 2017 have been approved. Motion by Deyan Vassilev, second by Daniel Secareanu. Minutes of all previous meetings will be published on the AAA website and a related post will be made in the Facebook alumni group by Daniel.
  2. Trustee and alumna Rumyana Trencheva suggested to arrange a meeting between the AAA Board and President Rossen Plevneliev, the new AUBG Special Envoy. The AAA Board accepted the invitation and will adapt to President Plevneliev’s preferences for time and place. Jordan Karabinov will extend the AAA Board’s invitation to the Pledge Boost Event on September 28th.
  3. The AAA Board discussed the first edition of the AUBG Alumni Community Update live stream event in the Facebook group. Next edition will take place after the BoT meeting in October. The AAA Board will invite Rumyana Trencheva to join the stream. Also, it was agreed that the broadcasts should be more concise and more focused on AAA matters beyond the current crisis with the BoT.
  4. AAA Board acknowledged that there are currently 9 potential alumni candidates for the AUBG BoT. More are likely to appear. Jordan Karabinov will communicate the list with Rumyana Trencheva and get her feedback and support, if available. Jordan will then also submit the list of nominees to the BoT for consideration no later than September 22nd.
  5. AAA Board unanimously approved the joint statement titled “Building Greater Trust: A Shared View From The Constituencies of AUBG” as drafted by representatives of the AUBG Faculty Assembly, Student Government and AAA Board. Upon approval by all three bodies, the statement will be released to the Board of Trustees.
  6. A discussion about local chapter facilitation took place. Daniel mentioned that the AAA website will be able to help local groups communicate through its platform, and also that data can be gathered to identify potential locations and members of such chapters. Boryana Zaneva and Anton Tonev will inquire possibilities for the first chapters to be formed on the US East Coast alumni hubs, i.e. New York and Boston. Also, Jordan will once again request the alumni database from AUBG staff.
  7. An education-focused workgroup was formed, consisting of AAA Board members: Daniel Secareanu, Boryana Zaneva, Todor Karaivanov and Anton Tonev. They will also include other alumni who have expressed interest in helping AAA and AUBG in improving the quality of education and offer alumni support. The support is conditional, extending the logic behind the Pledge initiative. All AAA Board members are invited to suggest alumni who could contribute to the group.
  8. AAA Board agreed that the communication with the alumni group behind the Petition initiative should be improved. Members of the group will be invited to join AAA Board’s workgroups, and encouraged to attend the already open meetings of the AAA Board. An invitation will be sent for the upcoming October 3rd meeting by Jordan Karabinov.

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