AAA Meeting Minutes November 22nd 2017

AAA Board Meeting, November 22nd, 2017

In Attendance:

Avi, Marto, Jordan, Simona, Boryana, Petar Svarc, Joro Malchev, Daniel, Deyan 


  1. Discussion of January Board Logistics – Rumi, Vasko and Dancho will attend, potentially Boryana -> Dancho to send an email
  2. Liaison: Forming of liaison workgroup for alumni rep on AUBG BoT – Petar, Marto & Boryana, Simona will assist Dancho who will try to organize a meeting with the Alums on the Bot and UC 
  3. Post to FB: Daniel to post a short paragraph on supporting AUBG with in-kind/no cash 
  4. Discussion and approval of Strategy Committee – Nominated and approve: Avi and Vlado to be part of the Strategy Group
  5. Christmas Party: Had a call with Joro and Sevda; City Stage or Alcohol => Alcohol is free on 7th and 9th and City Stage – 9th – create a poll for Joro 

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