AAA Meeting Minutes March 20th 2018

AAA Board Meeting, March 20th, 2018

In attendance:

Jordan, Simona, Deyan, Avi, Svarc, Joro, Daniel, Boryana, Marto


  1. Mid April – the governance consultant is coming; he will write a report for the May Board
  2. 18-20 May with BoT
  3. Dancho sent AUBG coordinator job description – voted for by: Avi, Simona, Jordan, Deyan, Joro, Martin, Boryana, Svarc
  4. Organize diner with alumni BoT members Vasko, Boiko and Rumi – 29th-30th March – Dancho will call them to confirm
  5. Potentially live event with Rumi, Boiko and Vasko

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