AAA Board Meeting Minutes, May 8th /Wed/, 2019, 18:00

AAA Board Meeting Minutes, May 8th /Wed/, 2019, 18:00

Presiding Officer in presence: Jordan Karabinov, President of AAA

In attendance: Martin Ouzounov, Deyan Vassilev, Petar Svarc, Miroslav Arnaudov, Stefan Ivanov, Avgustina Pasheeva, Boriana Zaneva, Georgi Malchev, Daniel Secareanu, Simona Parvanova

  1. Approval of minutes – minutes from the last meeting were approved as previously distributed
  2. AAA president Jordan Karabinov updated on important budgetary changes and gave floor to Deyan Vassilev
  3. Deyan Vassilev presented proposal plan for the short-turn on behalf of the AAA Sustainability workgroup
  4. Discussion of the Sustainability Plan resulted in a motion from Jordan Karabinov, and seconded by Deyan Vassilev to postpone immediate implementation and resume further work after 22 May. Voted For – 9, Abstained – 2
  5. Next item on agenda was the upcoming BoT Meeting in Blagoevgrad on 17-19 May and discussion of alumni participation in the Community Meeting with stakeholders
  6. AAA Networking Party on May 14 /Tue/ details and arrangements were presented by Alumni Events workgroup chair Simona Parvanova
  7. Date for next AAA meeting is set to 5 June /Wed/ following February retreat resolutions
  8. Meeting was adjourned at 20:00

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