AAA Board Meeting Minutes, April 10th /Wed/, 2019

AAA Board Meeting MinutesApril 10th /Wed/, 2019, 18:30

Presiding Officer in presence: Jordan Karabinov, President of AAA

In attendance:  Martin Ouzounov, Deyan Vassilev, Petar Svarc, Miroslav Arnaudov, Teodora Amova, Stefan Ivanov, Liana Burtsava

  1. Approval of minutes – minutes from the last meeting were approved as previously distributed.
  2. AAA president Jordan Karabinov made welcome remarks and updated on important agenda
  3. AAA Vision, Mission and Values Workgroup report update was briefed from Liana Burtsava. Report to be distributed to all members for review, final comments and suggestions.
  4. Update on the Alumni Speaker Series workgroup was delivered by group chair Petar Svarc. First event was confirmed and scheduled for April 23 /Tue/ on AUBG campus.
  5. Participation and support from AAA in Alumni Challenge event on campus was discussed.
  6. Report from Communications workgroup leader Teddy Amova given on PR/Media Plan. Plan to be distributed to all AAA members for review and comments. Next implementation steps to be scheduled.
  7. Report on the MultiTalent Quest organization from chair Deyan Vassilev. Commendable work from all involved was noted and praised.
  8. AUBG and BoT sponsored alumni surveys were discussed. Official commentary and suggestions for improvement to be expressed in AAA Report for BoT May meeting.
  9. Upcoming Board of Trustees meeting dates in May were announced. AAA BoT Liaisons workgroup to meet and discuss agenda and alumni engagement.
  10. General notes on groups work practices were discusses – meeting challenges, task assignments, Trello boards implementation. Suggestions for improvement were put forward.
  11. Date for next AAA meeting was set to 8 May /Wed/ following up February retreat resolutions.
  12. Meeting was adjourned at 20:00

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