Call for Nominations: AAA’s Board of Directors Elections, Nov 2019

In accordance with the AUBG Alumni Association (AAA) bylaws and the current AAA officers’ and directors’ election schedule, provided for in these bylaws, the AAA Board of Directors calls for elections of three new Directors-at-Large in December, 2019. Current Directors Martin Ouzounov, Petar Svarc, and Teddy Amova will step down from the Board and give opportunity to other active alumni to get involved and make impact in the Alumni Association organization and larger alumni community.

Timeline for the upcoming elections:

  • Call for elections (Oct 31th)
  • Alumni nominations and collection of documents (Nov 1st – Nov 20th)
  • Elections voting window (Nov 25th – Dec 1st)

Any AUBG graduate can be nominated by a peer or her/himself. Please send the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to nominate to [email protected] by November 20th, 2019. Each alumni candidate who confirms running for the elections should send a CV and Cover Letter (Video/LinkedIn profile optional) to [email protected] by the same deadline.

The elections will be held during the week of Nov 25 – Dec 1, and newly elected Directors will assume their positions on January 1st, 2019. All AUBG graduates will have the chance to cast their vote and will receive an e-mail and a specific link in advance. If you do not get a voting link before Nov 25, please write to [email protected].

Now is the time for alumni to become active members of the community and participate in the elections for AUBG Alumni Association leadership. You can find more about AAA on our website:

AAA Elections and Nominating Committee

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