IVELIN DOROVSKI (’95): “An avid home brewer and investor who hopes to change the world one glass of Glarus beer at a time”

Name: Ivelin Dorovski
AUBG Class of: 1995
Major: Business Administration
Graduate/Advanced degree: Freeman School of Business MBA, Tulane University
Home country: Bulgaria
Current occupation: Entrepreneur

• Where do we find you at this moment?
It’s a sunny and pleasant July morning in Varna. I am relaxing in the garden and thinking about my to-dos for the day.

• What was your first destination after AUBG? Describe your career path.
After graduating from AUBG I spent a couple of years travelling and working before enrolling at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business MBA Program. After graduation in the US, I worked during the following 18 years in New York and then London in financial services.

• How have the years at AUBG prepared you for your career?
The AUBG experience literally opened my eyes to the myriad opportunities to make a career and pursue higher education outside my home country. I felt confident and informed enough to take my time and explore what’s out there before setting on the next steps.

• What class had the most significant impact on you?
It must have been Ross Parker’s Macroeconomics although at the time I did not appreciate it enough. I also enjoyed Marketing and Sociology but I ended up eventually focusing on Finance.

• Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your student self? If you could change something back what would it be?
I wouldn’t change much. Perhaps I should have partied more! No seriously, one needs to explore for themselves and strike the right balance in making the most of their time at AUBG.

• What are the things that make you tick? What is your greatest passion or motivation at present?
I enjoy mentoring and talking to young people. They have so much energy and fresh ideas.

• Future projects and plans that you look forward to with anticipation?
I am quite busy with “Glarus” (the microbrewery which I partly own), plotting the strategy and making sure it grows sustainably. I also work on a couple of other projects in financial services but it’s too early to tell.

• May fellow alumni keep in touch with you for mentorship and career advice?

Absolutely, I could be reached at [email protected] but please come prepared and focused.

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