15th Anniversary AUBG Alumni Challenge

In 2019 the beloved AUBG Alumni Challenge is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This year the event will take place on 20 April /Sat/ on campus and the organizers had this to say to the alumni community:

“Greetings Fellow Graduates,

That time of the year is approaching when we will have to group up in one of our most cherished places, the AUBG Campus, because we’ve heard that the lawn needs cleaning. The materials we are going to be using are the currently enrolled students at the AUBG alongside with some water balloons, soccer balls, golf sticks, huge-ass sumo costumes and of course shit loads of beer. Lets gather the biggest sweep mob that was ever seen throughout the years and completely wipe any ‘germs’ out of the grass.

We would like to present you with this year’s edition of the Alumni Challenge 2019 – ‘The Clean Up’.

On the mark of the blessed date April 20, 2019, we would like to call out to the whole almighty Alumni to gather in AUBG Campus, Blagoevgrad to prove once again that we can defeat the young and enthusiastic students in 7 challenging games which include skill, agility, strategic intelligence and durability.

Listed below are the details regarding the event on Facebook.


Much love,
Pavel Dzhelyov & Simona Stancheva

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